Show Flats for Open Days

Male student sat at his desk in accommodation

Improve your employability and save money

Participation makes it possible for prospective students to visit our residences during the academic year, as you may have had the opportunity to do during open days. The scheme also enables participating residents to gain experience through working on university events.

Your Role as a Show Flat Resident,

You will:

  1. Welcome visitors to your accommodation in a friendly manner, offering visitors an opportunity to view your room, Ensuite (if applicable) and kitchen areas.
  2. Talk about your positive experiences of living in a Swansea university residence – they really listen and take on board your comments as they want to hear what it’s like living in residences from your point of view.

You will need to ensure:

  1. All areas of your flat are clean and tidy on the day of viewings.
  2. As a flat, you take joint responsibility for keeping communal areas clean and tidy.
  3. Report any repairs/damages as soon as you notice it.

To thank you:

  1. Upon completion of all your scheduled viewings, you will be credited £75.00. This will be discounted from your final term’s residence fees.
  2. You will have additionally cleaning for the open days
  3. We will also be happy to become a reference for you.
  4. If you are consistently unable to commit fully to the scheme, unfortunately, you may be asked to transfer to alternative accommodation.

Your availability:

  1. You will need to be present for all viewing days you are timetabled to do *.
  2. It is important to respond to emails regarding your availability and participation when prompted to or we will not be able to verify and credit you for events you have completed.
  3. You will be given a list of viewing dates, times and a timetable**. You will not be asked to participate on every date, but please make a note of them in your diary so that you are aware of when you may be asked to be available for an event. We do our best to alternate flats regularly.


 **Timetables may be subject to change to accommodate to demand.

Event Types that Show Flats are required:

  1. 6 x University Open Days - 9am – 4pm:  Normally 2 x Saturdays in October & 4 x Saturday in Spring until June.