What is Module Feedback?

Module Feedback is an on-line survey process that enables staff to get feedback from students at a modular level. 

The process is designed to result in information that is useful for teachers, supporting them to reflect on their teaching and make improvements. 

Watch our short video about Module Feedback

How Does Module Feedback Work?

How often do the surveys take place?

There are two surveys each semester:

The Module Feedback Process

  1. The survey system generates a survey for each student registered on a module. These links appear on the students Blackboard page. The surveys look like this.

    Blackboard Survey Screenshot

  2. The results are collated automatically, and once the survey closes, a report is automatically sent out to the teaching staff and module co-ordinator for that module.

  3. Results of the surveys are available 24 hours (within office hours) after the surveys close – here are examples of the reports that you will receive:

    Mid Module Report Example

    End of Module Report Example

To contact us for a copy of a survey report, to get a response rate for a survey or for any other questions you might have email modulefeedback@swansea.ac.uk

How has the process changed since previous academic sessions?

Recent changes to Module Feedback are based on feedback and suggestions from 320 teaching staff across every College in the University. Find out more about the changes and the pilot.

How does Module Feedback affect my PDR?

The results can be used to provide evidence of good teaching to support promotions applications and career progression. Click here to find out more about how you can benefit from engaging with Module Feedback.

How can I encourage my students to participate?

If you want to introduce Module Feedback to your students, and perhaps give them some information about what was done with last year’s feedback, here is a PowerPoint slide you can use:

Introducing Module Feedback to Students Powerpoint Slide

How to find your Module Feedback surveys

The highest response rates are achieved by asking the students to complete the survey in a lecture.  This method not only captures the students that attend lectures, it can also replicate the high response rates achieved with paper surveys.  More information about how to run the surveys in a lecture.