Code of Practice for Quality Assurance

About the Code of Practice

Thank you for visiting the Code of Practice for Quality Assurance site.  We are currently updating and enhancing our provision to ensure we can provide the best service to our stakeholders.   

In the interim, for general or urgent enquiries, please contact the Academic Quality Services Team at  For specialist support, guidance and advice, please contact the relevant section:- 

Learning and Teaching:

Portfolio Review and Management (including Withdrawal and Suspension of Programmes): 

Programme Development and Approval: 


External Examiners: 

Collaborative Partnerships: 

Go Beyond Programme: 

The Code of Practice for Quality Assurance outlines the structures and enhancement mechanisms in place to assure the quality and standards of teaching, learning and the student experience.  The development of the Code is informed by both the expectations and indicators of the QAA’s Quality Code, and of exemplars of good and effective practice.