Staff Contact List


Please use the contact information below to identify the correct person or section for your query. For more information on roles and responsibilities within the department, please see the Academic Services homepage. If your query is a general one, or you are unsure of the correct person or section to contact, please email:

Directorate Office

Adrian Novis Director of Academic Services (60)2447
Debbie Stallard Personal Assistant to Director of Academic Services (60)2165
Karen Glover Senior Clerical Assistant (Directorate) (29)5350

Welsh Translation

For general enquiries and translation requests please email
Jessica Brown Senior Welsh Translator (29)5989
Angela Black Assistant Welsh Translator (51)3077
Aled Powell Assistant Welsh Translator (29)5348
Rhian Powell Assistant Welsh Translator (29)5947

Student Partnership and Engagement Services

About Student Partnership and Engagement Services

Student Partnership and Engagement Services is responsible for engaging with students and their representatives as partners in order to enhance the Swansea student experience, including: 

  • Developing and delivering a strategic approach for engaging and communicating with students.
  • Delivering the NSS and Student Experience Surveys Campaign (including PRES and PTES). Co-ordinating and promoting student engagement in surveys and other academic and non-academic feedback opportunities
  • To work in partnership with the Students’ Union, colleges and professional services units to develop and enhance student representation and engagement.
  • Deliver the MyUniHub service on Singleton and Bay campuses.
  • To further the University’s strategic priorities centred upon student engagement, communication, feedback and representation.

About the International Student Compliance Unit

The International Student Compliance Unit is responsible for ensuring the University is compliant in its sponsorship of Tier 4 students, including:

  • The validation, maintenance and accuracy of all documentation and records held for our international students
  • The management and issuance of BRP (Biometric Residence Permits)
  • The monitoring and escalation of Tier 4 students who have poor attendance
  • The issuance of CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance to Study) for students wishing to extend their courses
  • The reporting of change of student circumstances to the UKVI
  • Advising stakeholders on University policy and compliance

Meet the Team

Debbie Ricci Jones Head of Student Partnership and Engagement Services (51)3066
Student Partnership and Engagement Team
Hayley Coffey Student Feedback Assistant (60)2264
Annie Cottam Acting Student Partnership and Engagement Manager (60)6913
Stephanie Dalton Student Partnership and Engagement Officer (60)4811
Rachel Hicks Student Communications and Engagement Officer (51)3549
Jenny Phillips Student Feedback Officer
Natalie Rewbridge Student Communication and Engagement Assistant (29)5922
Val Wilkins Student Feedback Assistant (60)2264
For MyUniHub General Enquiries phone (60)6000,  email 
or visit
Croesewir galwadau yn Gymraeg a Saesneg / We welcome calls in Welsh or English
Jayne Chaplin MyUniHub Manager (60)4820
Abby Harries-Heat Student Information Officer (60)4821
Tom Hennessey Student Information Officer (60)4823
Bobby Loosmore Student Information Officer (60)4824
Sian Williams Student Information Officer (60)4828
James Aust Student Information Assistant  (60)4827 
Daniel Henwood Student Information Assistant (60)4822
Sian Siklani Student Information Assistant (60)4825
Philippa Sims Student Information Assistant (60)4829
Ashleigh Sullivan Student Information Assistant (60)4826
Print Room
Andrew Treharne Reprographics Technician (60)4399
International Student Compliance Unit
Catherine Plumb International Student Compliance Unit Manager (60)6764
Jo Bailey International Student Compliance Assistant (29)5124  
Rhiannon Clark International Student Compliance Officer (Reporting) (29)5817
Steven Evans International Student Compliance Co-ordinator (CAS Issuing) (60)4559 
Carly Taylor International Student Compliance Officer (Attendance) (51)3363

Postgraduate Research Office

About the Postgraduate Research Office

The Postgraduate Research Office is responsible for:

  • Creating a strong, holistic PGR Community – across professional services, supervisors and student community, to realise a parity of student experience, exciting and innovative student and supervisor training, strong student engagement
  • Professionalising PGR service delivery– bringing cohesion, consistency, clarity and transparency to roles, structures, communications and processes to enable clearer accountability and monitoring
  • Transforming the quality of PGR – drive and lead strategy and change, raise the profile of PGR, celebrate achievement and successes, creating a ‘PGR centre of excellence’ within the University, utilising best practice standards 

Meet the Team

Andrea Buck Head of the Postgraduate Research Office 60(6669)
Rachelle Barlow Postgraduate Research Senior Officer - Doctoral Training Partnerships and Centres (51)3359
Helen Cook Postgraduate Research Clerical Assistant (60)4563
Vivienne Jenkins Postgraduate Research Senior Officer (60)6740
Danielle Mitchell Postgraduate Research Officer (29)5874
Julie Pugsley Postgraduate Research Financial Administration Officer (29)5548
Sally Robb Postgraduate Research Officer (60)6747
Pamela Styles Postgraduate Research Senior Officer (Skills, Development and Training) (60)6747

Academic Records and Systems

About Academic Records and Systems

Academic Records and Systems is responsible for:

  • Academic administration services
  • Academic records and Assessment systems
  • Data
  • HESA student and SLC student finance returns
  • Key information sets
  • Programme and module maintenance systems
  • Record keeping and reporting duties
  • SITS (Database Records Management System)
  • Student Finance services (tuition fee, sponsor, bursary and SLC administration)
  • Student transfers, suspension and withdrawals
  • University Enrolment

Meet the Team

Aled Phillips Head of Academic Records and Systems (51)3143
Student Records Office
For Student Records General Enquiries (60)2100 or email
Kirsty Adkins Student Records Assistant (on maternity leave) (60)4450
Jo Bailey Student Records Assistant (29)5124
Lorna Hackling Student Records Co-ordinator (29)5800
Alison Hutchings Student Records Manager (29)5803
Alexandra Jones Student Records Assistant (29)5124
Sam Jones Student Records Co-ordinator (51)3155
Hannah Wells Student Records Assistant (29)4450
Alexia Williams Student Finance Assistant (51)3537
Anthony Williams Student Finance Assistant (60)2414
Academic Data Systems
Christine Jones Data Management Officer (60)2004
Gary Jones Academic Data Systems Manager (29)5349
Janet Lawson Academic Data Systems Assistant (60)2169
Mark Stone Data Management Officer (60)2471

Student Academic Services

About Student Academic Services

Student Academic Services is responsible for ensuring the delivery of a range of high quality academic services to students and staff in relation to the following areas

  • Examinations (Singleton and Bay campuses)
  • Assessment (all levels of study - including managing the University’s Awards and Progression Board, providing advice and guidance to staff and student on the assessment regulations and procedures and processing examination deferral requests)
  • Student cases (including academic appeals, academic misconduct, final reviews, complaints,  disciplinary, fitness to practice, dignity at work, extensions, suspensions, withdrawals, transfers)
  • Graduation
  • Attendance monitoring

Meet the Team

Jane Lewis-Normand Head of Student Academic Services (29)5335
Assessment and Awards Team
Andrea Wilcox Assessment & Awards Manager
Emily Coughlan Senior Assessment & Awards Officer (60)6145
Sara Kane Assessment & Awards Officer (60)2521
Hannah Winter Assessment & Awards Assistant (60)6197
For general enquiries please email
Nicholas Short Assessment & Awards Assistant (Exams)  (51)3779 
Samantha Jones Senior Assessment & Awards Assistant (Exams) (60)2164
Julie Matthews Assessment & Awards Co-ordinator (Exams) (29)5633
Donald Prosser Senior Assessment & Awards Officer (Exams) (29)5827
For general enquiries please email
Karlie Owen Senior Assessment & Awards Officer (Graduation) (60)2755
Claire Hutchins Assessment & Awards Assistant (Graduation) (29)5293
Elaine Secker Senior Assessment & Awards Assistant (Graduation) (60)2298
Student Cases
Natalie Wathan Student Cases Manager (60)2189
Jen Donovan Student Cases Assistant (60)4099 
Emma Ferguson Senior Student Cases Officer (60)6534
Carly Fussell Student Cases Officer (29)5810
Yvonne Ridge Student Cases Assistant (60)5829
Nia Sullivan Attendance Monitoring Officer (29)5223

Academic Quality Services

About Academic Quality Services

Academic Quality Services specialises in delivering a high performance, enhancement-focused approach to the assurance of academic regulations, quality and standards for all taught and postgraduate research provision at Swansea University.  The key areas we manage and support are:

  • Academic Quality Assurance and Enhancement
  • Programme Approval, Management and Review
  • Portfolio Management
  • Oversight of Collaborative Partnerships
  • External Examining
  • Learning, Teaching and Assessment
  • Curriculum Innovation and Development
  • Academic Regulations
  • Student Experience Projects

In addition, Academic Quality Services administers the University’s Academic Quality Infrastructure and provides support to the following key Committees and Boards:

  • Learning and Teaching Committee
  • Programme Management Board
  • Programme Approval Committee
  • Academic Standards and Quality Committee
  • Academic Regulations and Cases Board
  • Collaborative Partnerships Board
  • Academic Advisory Committee

Meet the Team

For general enquiries please email   
Phil Maull Head of Academic Quality Services


Emma Hayward Academic Quality Enhancement Officer (External Engagement)


Lucy Jackson Academic Quality Enhancement Officer (Systems & Communications)


Rachel James Academic Quality Enhancement Officer (Learning, Teaching and Assessment)  (60)2442 
Wendy Leslie Academic Quality Enhancement Assistant  (60)2168
Catherine McVeigh Academic Quality Development Officer (Collaboration & Compliance)  (60)6260
Val Mills Academic Quality Enhancement Officer (Programmes)  (29)5579 
Ceri Penhale Academic Regulations, Quality and Standards Manager  (60)2271 
Fiona Rees-Cridland Academic Quality Development Officer (Learning, Teaching and Assessment)  (29)5155 
Jacqueline Vanderstock Academic Quality Development Officer (Programme Development and Management)  (60)2063 
Jackie Williams Academic Quality Development Officer (Programme Development and Management)  (60)2063