Paying Fees and Expenses

When do I get my fee?

For External Examiners of taught programmes, you will receive a fee once you have submitted an acceptable end of year report using the University’s on-line system and have sent in a signed claim form. If you oversee two cohorts, we will only process one fee at the submission of your report on the second cohort. You must submit a claim form as the fee is not automatically generated.

The University’s Finance Department processes claims around the 7th of each month, so please be patient during busy times or if your claim is sent to us around this time.

If you’ve already provided us with a copy of your eligibility to work in the UK (normally a copy of your passport), then you won’t need to fill these details in each time you submit a claim form.

How to claim expenses

For undergraduate and taught postgraduate submit your signed form, along with original receipts to the address shown below. For Research Degrees submit your claim form to the Research Office at the address below (see Where to send your signed forms).

Don't forget to make a copy of your receipts first, just in case they get lost in the post. You don't have to wait until you’ve written your report to claim expenses.

For claim forms and guidelines for taught programmes see Useful Links

Where to send your signed forms

Please forward your signed fee/expenses form either electronically (if you have no expenses) or together with expense receipts to:

External Examiners of Taught ProgrammesExternal Examiners of Research Programmes

Mrs Emma Hayward
Academic Quality Services
Academic Services
Swansea University
Singleton Park

Mrs Sarah Warren
Academic Quality Services
Academic Services
Swansea University
Singleton Park

For Undergraduate and Postgraduate fee/expenses claim forms, see Useful Links.

How are the fees calculated?

The fees for overseeing taught programmes are worked out by using the formulae in the regulations, depending upon the type of programme that you oversee. 

A revised fee banding structure is being introduced for External Examiners commencing their period of office in Session 2018-19, as per the tables below: 

Undergraduate Taught External Examiners

BAND Total Modules Flat Fee
A 1 £200
B 2-6 £350
C 7-14 £450
D 15-22 £550
E 23-29 £650
F 30+ £750 (Maximum fee)

Postgraduate Taught External Examiners

BAND Total Modules* Flat Fee
A 1 £250
B 2-10 £450
C 11-19 £650
D 19+ £750 (Maximum fee)

 *Please note all dissertation modules will be worth five modules when fee is calculated. 

In all cases fees are only paid following submission of your report.

Fees for Undergraduate Programmes

On submission of the report, the minimum fee is £250, added to this is an amount representing the students FTE load for the modules comprising the programme.

To calculate the fee the following information is required:

Module Credit Rating ÷ Student Numbers x £3 = total fee for module

Credit ValueCredit Weighting
10 credits 1/12
15 credits 1/8
20 credits 1/6
30 credits 1/4
40 credits 1/3
50 credits 1/2.4
60 credits 1/2


11 modules @ 20cr with 170/6 students enrolled = 28
Plus:1 module @ 60cr with 4/2 students enrolled = 2
Total = 30
Total fees for modules: 30 x £3 = £90
Fee = £250


This fee is set for the duration of appointment, unless additional work is undertaken.  Subsequent years may have an annual incremental percentage rise (this is subject to an annual review).

Maximum fee £750. If the fee exceeds this amount, the College would be contacted to request that an additional external examiner be appointed to share the burden.

Fees for Stand-alone modules in Nursing

The fee is paid retrospectively. The College keeps a record of work sent to the external examiner, which is used to calculate the fee.

The minimum fee is £150 plus the total number of assignments/scripts/examination papers. The fee is then calculated as above.

Fees for Taught Postgraduate Programmes

(including Postgraduate Diplomas and Postgraduate Certificates, excluding MA in Translation with Language Technology)

The minimum fee is £175, added to this is an amount representing the students FTE load for the modules comprising the programme.

The Taught Masters fee is:

Part One

£15 per full-time student or £7.50 per part-time student plus retainer

The fee is calculated every year (the maximum fee is £750).

Per dissertation moderated £25.

Fees for additional visit to the University

There is an additional payment of £45 per day for attendances for examining in addition to the Part 1 Examination Board.

Fees for MA in Translation with Language Technology (MALT) Programme

This programme has a different method of payment to all the other Taught Masters programmes. All of the MALT External Examiners share the programme, therefore the fee has to be split, with the overall External Examiner having the main share. The College advises us on the proportionate amount of work.

Fees for Acting as a Chief External Examiner

The total fee for the Chief External Examiner (MB BCh excepted) is £250.

For Chief External Examiners in the College of Medicine, any additional work is calculated as above in the section on fees for nursing and related programmes.