What is meant by credits?

Credit points can be regarded as the currency for modular degrees.  Each module is allocated a fixed credit weighting which gives an indication of the workload associated with that module. More info

What do I need to do to progress to the next year of my programme?

In order to proceed from one level to another you must aim to accumulate 120 credits by obtaining modules with a mark of 40% or better in each module. More info

How do I get a 1st or 2:1 / How will my degree be calculated?

Your degree classification is normally determined by the weighted average for all modules, including marks of the tolerated failures, contributing to the honours assessment using the following classification boundaries.  The weighted averages for each classification are:

First Class Honours 70%+
Second Class Honours, Division I 60-69.99%
Second Class Honours, Division II 50-59.99%
Third Class Honours 40-49.99%
Pass Degree 35-39.99%

More info

What happens if I have failed some TB1 modules in January?

Please contact your Personal Tutor or the Examination Officer in the College to discuss your options which could include: continuing studies, suspending studies. All students’ results are considered at the end of an academic session and it is sometimes possible that a certain amount of failures may be redeemed in the resit examination period in August.

What happens if I have failed some TB2 modules in June?

All results are considered by the Award/Progression Board which will determine an end of year decision for each student.

How can I find out who my Personal Tutor is?

Please contact your College administration team or ask any of your lecturers to help you find out this information. More info

What’s support can I expect from my Personal Tutor?

Your Personal Tutor will provide you with advice and guidance on your progress through your studies.  Your Personal Tutor will also be there to assist you whenever you may face any difficulties of either an academic or personal nature during your studies. More info

Can I change my Personal Tutor?

In most cases students do not need to change their Personal Tutor, however, if for whatever reason you feel that you would wish to change your Personal Tutor you are entitled to do so on one occasion.  A member of the College administration team will be able to guide you in this request. More info

Do I have to attend meetings with my Personal Tutor?

It is expected that you will attend all scheduled meetings with your Personal Tutor.  If any good reason you cannot attend a particular meeting, please ensure you inform your Personal Tutor of your absence, together with the reason for this absence as soon as possible. More info

How do I access information about University prizes?

There are a range of prizes available for students, some of which are awarded by academic colleges and others by the University centrally. You are advised to access your College website for discipline-related prizes. The University's prizes are currently under review but details will be made available on the website in due course.

I need to provide confirmation that I am a student. How can I obtain this?

A Student Statement provides confirmation that you are a student of this university. The Academic Registry produces these statements. You can apply in person via the Academic Registry reception, by telephone on 01792 513546 or by emailing myunihub@swansea.ac.uk. More info

I need to provide proof to the Council that I am a student and therefore exempt from paying Council Tax. How do I do this?

Swansea City Council is sent lists of all Swansea University registered full time students on a regular basis, if their term address falls within the area covered by the City and County of Swansea. However the Academic Registry can also provide you with a statement as proof that you are an enrolled student with the University. More info

What is a Student Statement?

A student statement confirms your status at the University. It contains your personal information, course details (such as name of course, mode of attendance and the date you are expected to commence and complete), and the University’s contact information. If required it can also include level of study and address confirmation. More info

What can Student Statements be used for?

Please request a Student Statement if you require, for example:

  • council tax exemption
  • proof for your bank
  • travel visa
  • visiting visa for family members
  • anything that requires documented proof of your student status

More info

How can I obtain the Student Statement if I’m not in Swansea?

The Academic Registry can post the statement to an address of your choice. Alternatively a friend can collect the statement on your behalf but we require notice of this in writing. Please email myunihub@swansea.ac.uk stating who will be collecting the document on your behalf. They will need to produce identification upon collection.

How often do I need to access my student record and what information can I browse?

It is important that you regularly check your student records and ensure that they are accurate at all time.  You should check in particular your address details and amend these if you move or if they are inaccurate.  Other contact details are also used by people within the University such as you mobile number.  With regard to your academic records it is imperative that your records actually reflect the modules which you are pursuing and that you are studying sufficient credits for your particular needs.  Normally for an undergraduate full-time student this is 120 credits and for a full-time Masters student it is 180 credits.  Your academic records are referred to by your academic colleges as well as the administrative departments and examination timetable is based upon your record and on the assumption that it is accurate.  To access your student record, please log on to your intranet account. Any problems with accessing your account please contact itsupport@swansea.ac.uk. More info

What should I do if my personal information changes?

You can update your term/home address and contact details on your intranet account. If you have problems updating your contact details, please contact Academic Registry or Student Records. For changes such as name/title, please contact Student Records and take with you appropriate documentation. More info

I would like to study abroad as part of my degree programme. What options are available?

The University encourages its students to undertake either an academic or an industrial placement abroad and a wide range of opportunities is available for all students through an extensive network of international partners throughout the world.  In the first instance you should browse the relevant web pages developed by the International Development Office but also contact your tutor who will be able to direct you to the International Officer within your College.  Opportunities are being made available for undergraduate and taught masters students and research students are also encouraged to explore opportunities within their research projects. More info

I need to leave the University and am not sure what to do. How do I leave and what are my options?

The University recognises that circumstances might render it challenging for some students to continue with their studies.  If you find yourself in such a situation you must in the first instance speak to your Personal Tutor, your Lecturer or another member of the College staff to share your concerns.  You can also visit the Academic Registry to speak to staff.  Unless it is obvious that you have no intention of returning to Swansea University we would advise you to suspend studies as opposed to withdrawing completely.  If you suspend you can interrupt your studies but the University will keep open your space for a year or sometime until your circumstances have been overcome.  A more detailed explanation is given on the following websites or you can contact the Academic Registry for more information. More info (Taught Programmes) More info (Postgraduate Research)

How long can I suspend for?

The University will normally allow you to suspend  your studies until the end of the  academic session.  You will be contacted before beginning of the next academic year asking you to confirm whether you intend to resume your studies or not.  You will also be asked to confirm that the circumstances which forced you to suspend studies have now been overcome. More info (Taught Programmes) / More info (Postgraduate Research)

Can I extend my suspension if I am not able to return?

If you do not intend/are unable to return to your studies it may be possible to extend your suspension.  Contact your College or Academic Registry for further advice. More info (Taught Programmes) / More info (Postgraduate Research)

I have received a letter informing me that I have been required to suspend studies – what should I do?

The University may require student to suspend studies for financial, health or disciplinary grounds.  You should follow any instructions contained in the letter and contact the person(s) specified for further information. More info (Taught Programmes) / More info (Postgraduate Research)

I wish to withdraw from the University. What do I need to do?

In the first instance you are advised to speak to your Personal Tutor as they may be able to help you and offer advice/support.  If you still wish to withdraw you are expected to attend for an interview in the Academic Registry where further support options will be discussed and if appropriate the withdrawal process will be initiated.  The process of withdrawing will be explained in detail during your interview with Academic Registry staff. You might be required to provide evidence and you will be advised on other obligations such as those relating to your accommodation, etc.  You will also need to receive guidance on financial issues regarding your loans and fees and such information will be provided at your interview.  If you are an overseas student you must also understand the implications of your decision on your Visa and your rights to remain in the UK.  Advice on this will be available from International Advisors in Student Services. More info (Taught Programmes) / More info (Postgraduate Research)

If withdrawn can I return to complete my studies at a later date?

It may be possible to return depending on your programme of study and time-limits.  You are advised to contact your College and Academic Registry for further advice, prior to completing the withdrawal form.  However normally you will be required to reapply to the University and consequently you might need to contact the admissions office for advice. More info (Taught Programmes) / More info (Postgraduate Research)

I would like to transfer a module. How do I do this?

In the first instance you are advised to speak to the relevant academic members of staff.  For instance to ensure that you can meet the requirements of the module to which you intend to transfer.  If your interest is acceptable to the College you will be expected to complete the relevant form available from your College.  Please note that deadlines for transfer of modules apply, which are two weeks for a semester based module or four weeks for a module offered throughout the year. More info

I would like to transfer my programme. How do I do this?

You should discuss your intentions with your current programme director within your College/department and with the programme director who is responsible for the degree to which you wish to transfer.  If accepted by the new College/department you should complete the relevant form available from your College.  Please note that deadlines for transfer of programmes apply. More info (Taught Programmes) / More info (Postgraduate Research)

I have failed my current programme. Can I transfer to another programme?

This depends on your progression decision.  It may be possible to transfer or re-apply to another programme at the University.  Please contact the Academic Registry for further advice.

I would like to be assessed in Welsh. How do I request this?

Students must submit their requests to their 'home' College using proforma AR1AR-1-BI, available from the Forms and Documents section of the Academic Registry's Blackboard site. Further details may be found in the Guidelines on Assessment and Examination in in Welsh or in a Language Other than the Language of Tuition.

I am a very satisfied student and want to pass my comments to the University, how do I do it?

The University encourages you to provide feedback on your experiences in the University and it welcomes your comments on positive experiences as well as constructive criticisms.  If you have been particularly impressed by support offered to you and would like the University to record such experiences please email myunihub@swansea.ac.uk.  Academic Registry will ensure that the comments are passed back to the appropriate manager and onto the individual concerned, if named.

You will also be given the opportunity to complete feedback questionnaires and satisfaction surveys through which you can express your views. More info

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