Higher Education Achievement Report (Diploma Supplement)

Accessing your HEAR (Diploma Supplement)

The HEAR (Diploma Supplement) is a new way of recording student achievement in higher education and is intended to provide more detailed information about a student’s learning and achievement than the traditional degree classification system. It is issued as an electronic document and will include details of academic achievement, including module marks and will also provide information about your programme of study and some additional achievements undertaken whilst at university.  It can be accessed by students whilst studying on the degree programme or after completion and graduation.

The HEAR (Diploma Supplement) applies to Swansea students who completed their degree in the 2011-2012 academic session and thereafter. 

The electronic HEAR (Diploma Supplement) is delivered online through a third-party service called Gradintel.  To ensure that you have access to your HEAR (Diploma Supplement) when it is issued, the first step will be to register with Gradintel.  You will receive an email to your University account which will provide further details of the registration process. Once your account is activated you will automatically gain free access to your HEAR (Diploma Supplement).

Access and use of all Gradintel’s services is free for students.  Students who wish to share their HEAR (Diploma Supplement) with third parties such as prospective employers, other higher education institutions or any other third party can do so by issuing them with a secure token.  Third parties, who have a token issued by students, may view the verified HEAR (Diploma Supplement) and print a copy, but it should be noted that the printed copy is no longer a verified record by Swansea.

Swansea will publish interim HEARs (Diploma Supplements) on Gradintel’s site twice a year in July and October.  In both cases publication relates to the previous academic session.  Each publication will overwrite any previously published HEAR (Diploma Supplement).  When a student leaves on graduation or for any other reason, a final version will be published.

About the HEAR (Diploma Supplement)


The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) is a University verified document that represents a single comprehensive record of a student’s academic and personal achievements, including not only assessment marks but wider achievements, whilst studying at University.  It is produced in English and has been recognised by the European Commission as being equivalent to the European Diploma Supplement, a document recognised across Europe for recording academic achievement and as such its formal title is Higher Education Achievement Report (Diploma Supplement).  Swansea University is one of the first UK institutions to provide a HEAR (Diploma Supplement) to its students, having previously produced the European Diploma Supplement.  

The purpose of the HEAR (Diploma Supplement) is to provide more information about individual student achievement and is intended to help students’ potential employers, other Universities or any other third party authorised by the student, to gain more insight into programmes of study, modules passed and other verified activity individual students have achieved.  Although students are not obliged to share any of the information, it is envisaged that the HEAR (Diploma Supplement) will enhance employability or further education opportunities because it provides more verified information about them.

The HEAR (Diploma Supplement) sets out what a student has achieved during their period of enrolment at Swansea in a verified format.  It incorporates the traditional transcript but also acknowledges achievements a student has made.  As well as including your degree classification, an overview of your qualification and a list of your modules and grades, the HEAR (Diploma Supplement) will include more detailed information about your chosen course.  It will also give details of non-academic achievements that the University can verify, to provide a broad picture of your university achievements.  These might include awards such as the Swansea Employability Award and other extra-curricular activities such as volunteering or mentoring. Details about non-degree activities that are eligible for inclusion on a HEAR (Diploma Supplement) are set out in the section entitled Non-degree related student achievements.

You are also encouraged to refer to your HEAR (Diploma Supplement) in discussions with your personal tutor and the Careers Service to help you to identify and articulate the skills you are gaining, and reflect on how you can build on these to achieve your future goals.

Who will receive a HEAR?

All undergraduate and postgraduate students aiming for an award will receive a HEAR (Diploma Supplement).  A HEAR (Diploma Supplement) will not be produced for visiting, exchange and affiliate students.  These students will continue to receive transcripts either from their Colleges or from the International Development Office.

Non Degree-related Achievements

The HEAR (Diploma Supplement) also records achievements in recognised extra-curricular activities through the completion of awards.  Currently four awards are available to students, the Swansea Employability Award (SEA), Discovery Volunteering Award, The Sustainability Award and the Egypt Centre Award. Click here to read more about these awards.

Data protection

Please note that Swansea University will share your data with Gradintel only for the purposes of producing the HEAR (Diploma Supplement) and making it available to you electronically.  Gradintel makes available to registered students other services which may be of interest, such as the option to prepare and submit applications for advertised employment opportunities, and to share your HEAR (Diploma Supplement) with employers.  Such services are entirely optional and you may choose which, if any, opportunities you wish to pursue further; no data will be passed to employers without your permission.  Following initial registration with the Gradintel service, you can specify the ways in which you would like to be notified of opportunities and opt-out of communications if you wish.

Swansea has no access to any information posted by individual students to the Gradintel website.