Staff Enrolment Guide

This page is intended for Swansea University staff. Students should browse the University's enrolment and induction web page

Before Enrolment


  • Provisional September enrolment instructions available for Schools to check details.
  • Colleges confirm enrolment contacts, book induction venues forwarding any changes to and publish draft College Welcome web pages.
  • Module availability, teaching blocks, syllabus and reading lists updated for the next academic year (Module Maintenance)
  • Compulsory modules for taught programmes updated (Course Maintenance)


  • New Modules approved and module records set up
  • Module pre-selection instructions sent by email to all students.
  • Module pre-selection starts for continuing students.


  • Module pre-selection completed by schools. 
  • Teaching timetable first draft based on module availability and teaching block, students pre-selected module selections and compulsory modules as defined by Schools via the intranet module, module selection and course maintenance facility.
  • Latest deadline for publishing College Welcome web pages - send the URL address to


  • Teaching timetable first draft published by Estates for review by schools
  • Undergraduate and taught postgraduate progression results and course transfers processed  
  • Bursary authorisation for students starts


  • In early August student enrolment instructions published on the University's home page.
  • Late August new students are sent enrolment instructions by email from Student Records.
  • Second email re enrolment instructions sent to continuing students.


  • Students sitting supplementaries sent enrolment instructions by email from September boards.  
  • Academic Departments receive enrolment Module Selection forms (For distribution queries contact Student Records)
  • Mid September deadline to complete University scholarship and bursary authorisation before online enrolment

Summary of enrolment events and preparation

  • During August intercalary students on a year out and postgraduate taught masters in part 2 with fees to pay can enrol online.
  • Mid September: staff complete University scholarship and bursary authorisation
  • Mid September: online enrolment is open for new and continuing UK/EU students and continuing international students. 
  • Last week of September is: Arrivals weekend for new students and frehers' week; Enrolment and induction week for all students
  • October is the start of teaching

September - Enrolment week 

Undergraduates and postgraduates receive emails instructing them to enrol on their course and modules online by logging in to the SU Intranet. Please note students have been advised they may come to campus and enrol online.

September - Arrivals weekend

New students book in to their accommodation, attend a welcome fair and, if they enrolled online, pick up their student ID card

International enrolment 

Undergraduate enrolment elements.

  1.  If a student cannot enrol online or they are a new international student, they report to the University's enrolment in Fulton House, see how to enrol in person. 
  2. Enrol on modules (Module Selection) Students changing optional modules can either go to the teaching department or if reciprocal arrangements are in place the home department may authorise a student to take a module on behalf of the teaching department.
  3. Students collect new ID cards from Fulton House (top floor) during Welcome Week and from the Library issue desk during term. Cards will only be issued to enrolled students who can provide proof of identity e.g. a passport.

Exchange undergraduates

Exchange students report to the International Development Office

September Welcome Week - College Induction for new students

New students report to their department to collect handouts e.g. teaching timetable, departmental handbook, etc. In addition, departments may wish to give an introductory talk covering, for example, information about student studies, personal tutors, advice about the module selection procedure and attending other events such as Student Services Induction,  Library / IT induction and the Freshers Fayre. 

Continuing students

All returning students should have enrolled online before the start of teaching.

Departments should advise returning students who have not enrolled to enrol online. Only under exceptional circumstances should returning students who have problems enrolling online go to Student Records.

The majority of returning students report to their department either on Friday before term starts or the first day of the teaching term. However some departments have alternative dates, see UG Non-Finalist | UG Finalist. Any change of detail should be sent to  

A returning student wishing to change modules pre-selected  in May/June can return a Module Authorisation slip in the first few weeks of a module after teaching term starts. Colleges can refer to an Intranet report  "Academic Records > Modules > Reports > Module Selections" as a reference.

A student changing course (transfers) should still enrol on their original course and then the Colege submit an online transfer. This will prevent any delays in receiving maintenance loan payments. 

October Weekly reminder:

Reminders are sent to all "not enrolled" students warning them if they do not enrol their candidature may lapse and be withdrawn from the University. Departments are requested to encourage students who did not enrol in September to complete enrolment as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT International students should be advised strongly to enrol in September otherwise the University is obliged to notify the UK Border Agency of non enrolment, see the .

November Lapsed candidature:

Students may be reinstated by permission from their College and the Head of Student Records in order to enrol in the first two weeks of November.

By mid November, as a result of failing to enrol with the University a candidature will be deemed to have lapsed. At that point a student will not be entitled to attend classes, use the Library and access e-learning facilities such as Blackboard. 

New students will be recorded as "not started" and continuing students will be withdrawn for non-enrolment and stakeholders notified. 


  • September New Arrivals at 
  • September Enrolment at 
  • Students are sent enrolment emails to their University and home email addresses in August and September. 
  • Replacement module selection forms are available in Fulton House during enrolment (freshers) week. At all other times forms are available from Student Records, Singleton Abbey.