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Time Limits

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Time Limits for Completing Your Programme

Your College, and especially your Academic Mentor, will be monitoring your progress throughout your time of study encouraging you to complete your programme within the set deadlines. Students are urged to talk to their Academic Mentor about any problems or concerns they may have if they feel their progress is not as expected.

The regulations governing the completion of a programme of study within a prescribed time limit can be found in your specific Award Regulations.

Students who fail to complete their programme within the prescribed time limit may be eligible for an exit award.

However, in exceptional cases, an application can be made for an extension to the time limit. You should contact your College to make an application, which will be forwarded to the Director of Academic Services where the case will be considered administratively on behalf of the Academic Regulations and Cases Board. Please note that independent evidence confirming the basis of the application will be required for all extension requests. 

A summary of the time limits (termed ‘candidature’) can be found under the links below:

Normal Duration of Candidature for Undergraduate Students

* Mode of attendance refers to whether you are studying the programme on a full-time, part-time or ‘mixed’ basis - i.e. you may, upon application to the College, and subject to the relevant regulations transfer between modes should you wish to and if the programme is delivered in the other mode.

Normal Duration of Candidature for Postgraduate Taught Masters Students
Postgraduate Certificate
Postgraduate Diploma

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