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Structure of the Academic Year

Structure of the Academic Year

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Term and Semesters

The teaching pattern for most students pursuing degree programmes of study will be based on two semesters which fit into a three-term structure, Michaelmas term, Lent term and Summer term. For a full breakdown of dates for current and future academic sessions go to Semester and Term Dates.

Academic Year Structure for Undergraduate Programmes

Modules can be taught in either Semester 1 or Semester 2, or can be taught throughout the session across both Semesters.  Modules falling into this latter category are termed 'long modules' since they run from September to May.  Some Colleges also offer very intensive short modules, taught over a one/two week period.  These are normally restricted to the final year of Advanced Initial Degrees (e.g. MEng, MMath).

If you are pursuing programmes in the College of Human and Health Sciences the teaching patterns will differ due to the different teaching requirements imposed by professional bodies. Details will be given in your College Handbook.

Academic Year Structure for Postgraduate Taught Master's Programmes

The structure of the academic year for one-year Standard and Flexible Postgraduate Taught Master's programmes runs from September to September if you are a full-time student. For Standard One year programmes, Part One (the pursuit of taught modules) is normally completed between September and May/June, and Part Two (the dissertation) between July and September.  Part-time programmes also run from September to September are normally completed within the time limit specified by the programme. 

In the case of Extended two-year programmes, Part One is normally complete between September and May in Year One, with Part Two (the dissertation) beginning between either June and January or September and May in Year Two.

Some postgraduate programmes, however, teach and assess their Part One modules to a format outside the normal undergraduate teaching pattern, for example through an intensive week or weekend study with an examination at the end of the module, and/or an assignment to be completed shortly thereafter. Details will be given in your College Handbook.

Postgraduate Diploma

The structure of the academic year if you are a full-time Postgraduate Diploma student shall normally mirror that of Part One of a Standard Taught Masters programme.

Postgraduate Certificate

If you are a Postgraduate Certificate student the structure of the academic year will be outlined in your College Handbooks.

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