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Learning Outcomes, Assessment and Progression

Learning Outcomes, Assessment and Progression

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Every module has specific learning outcomes. In other words, the lecturer will identify what knowledge and skills you should be able to demonstrate by the end of the module. These learning outcomes should be provided in the College Handbook or in module handouts, and are also available in the online module catalogue. The lecturer will assess whether or not you have met these learning outcomes either at the end of the module, or possibly throughout the module through continuous assessment.

Each module will have an assessment pattern that will be particular to that module.  For instance, the module might be assessed by examination and continuous assessment, or by practical work.  Details of the assessment pattern will be provided to students in the College Handbook as an assessment planner.  You must note that you will need to comply fully with the assessment pattern of the module by completing every aspect of the assessment before you can be deemed to have completed the module.  Failure to comply with these requirements will usually result in failing the module.

Credit points will be awarded to you on successful completion of the assessment tasks associated with the module, which are designed to demonstrate whether or not you have achieved the learning outcomes of the module.  Credit points are instrumental in determining whether you have studied and passed sufficient modules to enable you to proceed.

Each student pursuing an initial undergraduate degree must ensure that the credit weighting of the modules pursued at each Level of Study total at least 120 credit points.  Check your Intranet student profile to confirm the modules that you have chosen and their credit weighting. Postgraduate Taught Masters students must pursue the following:

Standard (One Year) Taught Masters programmes 180 credits, with 120 credits in Part One and 60 credits in Part Two
Extended (Two Year) Taught Masters programmes 240 credits, with 120 credits in Year One and 120 credits in Year Two
Flexible (One Year) Taught Masters programmes 180 credits

In the case of part-time students this would be split over more than one academic session.  Should you have any doubts, you are advised to contact your College or Academic Services. 

If you have pursued modules totalling less than 120 credit points in one Level/Part One/Year One of Study you will not be able to satisfy the progression rules and will not be allowed to proceed to the next Level/Part of Study of your degree.  You must progress from one Level/Part/Year of Study to the next, which normally for full-time students, will occur on an annual basis.

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