Swansea University

15. Oral Examination (viva voce)

This section should be read in conjunction with the University’s Guide to the Submission and Presentation of a Thesis for Research Students and the University’s Guide to the Examination of Research Students.


The Examining Board shall be required to conduct an oral examination of candidates for research degrees in all cases. In the case of a student who is allowed to re-submit within the specified time period agreed at the first viva, a second viva would normally be expected. However, in exceptional cases, the requirement for a second oral examination may be waived where a detailed case for waiving the oral examination has been provided in the written report by the Chair of the Examining Board. The written report will have to be agreed and be counter-signed by all members of the Examining Board.


All oral examinations would normally take place at Swansea University within six months of the date of submission of the thesis. Any exceptions would either have to be agreed as an exception or agreed to reflect the nature of the degree e.g. those students studying under Method ‘D’ (collaborative).


A candidate requiring special provision for the oral examination is required to notify the Head of College or nominee prior to the submission of the thesis. Arrangements will be put in place as outlined in the University’s Guide to the Examination of Research Students.


A candidate’s supervisors shall have the right to convey to the Chair of the Examining Board any concerns relevant to a candidate’s research project, the resulting thesis or its examination which the supervisors consider the Board should take into account prior to reaching its decision. The supervisors shall convey these concerns, in writing, both to the Chair and to the candidate as soon as practicable after the presentation of the thesis and, in any event, early enough to allow the candidate sufficient time prior to the examination of the thesis (including any oral examination) to consider the points made and prepare a response.


The oral examination shall be conducted in accordance with the University’s Guide to the Examination of Research Students. The recommendation of the Examining Board shall be presented to the Progression and Awards Board for confirmation.