Swansea University

7. Modules within a Programme


A module is a distinct educational component of a programme.  Each programme shall consist of taught modules which may be single modules of not less than 5 Swansea University credit points and not normally more than 30 credit points.  For Masters Programmes there shall also be additional 60-credits of directed independent learning/approved alternative.


In addition, each module:

  • Is assigned a unique reference code.
  • Is assigned to a level of study which reflects the academic standard of a module and its learning outcomes.
  • Shall also be assigned European Credit Transfer System Credits (5 ECTS credits is roughly equivalent to 10 Swansea University credits).
  • May have pre-requisites and/or co-requisites.


Modules may be grouped into the following categories: lecture based; practical based; external practice based; directed independent learning; dissertation based; computer based; fieldwork based; placement based, work based or an appropriate combination of these categories (composite module).


All modules for any qualification offered under these regulations shall be equivalent to the Framework for Higher Education (FHEQ) Level 7.