Swansea University

14. Transferring Programmes


Postgraduate taught candidates will not normally be permitted to transfer programmes unless the transfer is within a programme offering different specialisation options.  In exceptional circumstances, postgraduate taught candidates may be allowed to transfer programmes of study if, after consultation with the Head of College or his/her appointee (normally the home College), it is felt that the transfer is in the best interest of the candidate.  Normally such transfers shall take place within the first 2 weeks of the start date of the programme.  In the approval process, due consideration shall be given to the admission requirements and the financial implications of the transfer including the views/conditions of sponsors (including studentships).


All transfers of programmes, which occur after the second week of the first year of study, should be approved administratively on behalf of the Academic Regulations and Cases Board, in consultation with the College.  Normally applications for programme transfers received after the first 4 weeks of the programme shall not be authorised.  Such requests may be referred to the Chair of the Academic Regulations and Cases Board.


A programme transfer shall not be approved unless the candidate can complete the programme or Part One of the programme (for standard masters programmes) within the expected period.  If by the time the transfer is approved a module will have been taught and assessed, or if the student will have missed a substantial part of the teaching of a module that shall render it impossible to complete the assessment, the candidate should be advised to suspend studies.


The period of candidature shall not automatically be extended for students who transfer programmes and need to suspend studies.  However, such candidates may apply for an extension to their candidature in accordance with the University's regulations. 


Candidates transferring programmes will only be permitted the normal number of attempts at completing the Level (i.e. 2 attempts per module) and it therefore follows that:

  • Candidates who transfer after failing a module on their original programme shall only have one further attempt at substitute modules on the new programme.
  • Where a candidate has already attempted a module once, the College should:
    • Consider whether credit transfer is possible for those modules which have been passed.
    • Inform the candidate that they have only one further attempt at substitute modules and ensure that such attempts are not capped.


Candidates who have already exhausted both attempts will not be permitted to transfer programmes. 


If a candidate has not attempted modules on their original programme they will be permitted 2 attempts on their new programme.


Candidates who are required to withdraw or exit a programme with a Postgraduate Diploma or Certificate may not be permitted to complete an online Transfer of Programme request.  However, such candidates shall not be precluded from applying through the normal admission route to be admitted to another programme.


The appropriate online Transfer of Programme request must be completed, signed by the candidate, authorised by the appropriate member(s) of the academic staff and submitted to Academic Services.  This procedure applies to all programme transfers, including transfers internal to a College.  The online form is available on the University intranet.


In the case of International students sponsored by the University, a transfer of programme is conditional upon holding a valid student visa (Tier 4).  At the point of transfer, an assessment will be made as to whether the transfer meets current Tier 4 legislation before it is approved.  The assessment will include reference to the level of the new programme, the student’s current period of leave, the current time limits governing Tier 4 study, whether the new programme meets a student’s “genuine career aspirations” and any other requirements specified by the UK Visa and Immigration Service (UKVI).  Where the new programme cannot be completed within the period of existing Tier 4 leave, the student will be required to leave the UK to make an application for further leave to complete the programme.  For programmes requiring ATAS Clearance, International students must obtain clearance and provide a copy of the ATAS certificate to the University, before a transfer can be approved.