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Policy on Issuing Award Certificates

Policy on Issuing Award Certificates

All students who qualify for their award and have no outstanding obligations to the University will either have their award conferred in absentia or at the next available awards ceremony.

Currently in Swansea, all postgraduate students and undergraduate students pursuing Health Science programmes have their awards conferred in absentia. Such students are invited to attend an awards ceremony to celebrate their achievements. The remaining undergraduate students have their awards conferred at an Awards Ceremony.


Content of Certificates

An award certificate shall contain the name of the awarding body, or in the case of collaborative degrees, partner awarding bodies, the student’s name as recorded on the University’s Student Information System on their admitted date, the name of the award being conferred and, if applicable, the subject and class of the award.

The information contained in any award certificate will normally be printed in English and Welsh. In the case of international awards and degree offered in collaboration, the name of the partner institution(s) may be printed on the certificate and the details of the award may be translated into the relevant language.


Issuing of Award Certificates

The University issues the majority of certificates at ceremonies.  For those students not attending the ceremonies certificates shall be posted to the student at their home address as specified on the Student Profile on the Intranet within 8 weeks of conferment.  It is the student’s responsibility to maintain accurate contact details on their intranet account. The University will not accept any responsibility for a student not receiving a certificate because of incorrect contact details and a charge will apply for the replacement certificate. 

The document will be posted by first class post within the UK or standard air mail worldwide. Students wishing to have their certificates posted by courier need to contact MyUniHub. A fee of £25 will apply for this service.

In the unlikely event that a student does not receive their award certificate, the University will investigate the reason. If the original certificate is not delivered or an administrative error on behalf of the University is the reason for the student not having received the certificate, arrangements will be made to reissue the original certificate, for which there will be no charge, provided that the request for the replacement certificate is received within 6 months of the date of conferment of the award. Requests received beyond this deadline shall be processed as replacement certificates and a charge will apply. (see below). Applicants must allow two months from the time of despatch of the original certificate before applying for a replacement.


Certified Copies of Certificates

In order to obtain a certified copy of an award certificate, students shall be required to provide a photocopy of the original document which will then be certified as a true copy by the University.

An administrative charge of £10 shall be charged for this service (up to 5 certified copies). This fee will also cover the postal charges of first class mail or air mail.

Students may request a certified copy in writing or in person by providing the photocopy of the original certificate along with their full name at the time of study, their student number (if known), date of birth and date of award (month and year).


Replacement Certificates

Due to issues of security, duplicate certificates are not provided. Mislaying a certificate temporarily is not considered sufficient grounds for a replacement. Applications for replacement certificates will be granted in cases where the original has been irretrievably lost. Those applying for a replacement are reminded that this application constitutes a declaration that the original has been lost or destroyed. Please note that the original certificate will no longer be valid once a replacement has been issued and the University will not be able to verify it as an authentic document.

Graduates may apply for a replacement certificate by completing the Request for a Replacement Degree Certificate Form . There is a charge of £30 for a replacement certificate and the replacement will clearly indicate that the document is a duplicate copy.


Damaged Award Certificates

In the case that an award certificate has been damaged, a replacement will be issued free of charge provided the damaged certificate is returned to the University. Graduates are required to complete the Request for a Replacement Certificate form and return it to the University along with the damaged original certificate.


Name Changes

The University will not normally change any information printed on an award certificate, particularly a change in name. Name changes can only be made if you are able to prove that you were legally using your new name on the date you were admitted to your award and that you were no longer using your old name.  However in the case of gender reassignment, replacement certificates may be issued with a name change, if a compelling argument can be made that it is essential for the individual to be issued with an amended certificate. Such requests should be made in writing to the Director of Academic Services, if the request is approved, the original certificate must be returned to the University. There is a charge of £30 for the amended replacement.


Award Certificates and Unresolved Academic Appeals

In the event that a student submits an academic appeal against an award decision taken by an Examining Board, the award certificate will not be issued until the academic appeal is resolved.  Such students will be permitted to attend an awards ceremony and/or have their award conferred but the actual certificate shall be retained until the outcome of the appeal is known.  If a certificate has been issued to a student and that student appeals, and the outcome of the appeal is a change in an award, or an awarded is superseded, a revised certificate will not be issued until the original certificate is returned. 



The University reserves the right to decline requests for replacement certificates, particularly in the case where one replacement has already been issued.



The Swansea University award certificate is protected against fraudulent misuse, by means of a number of security features. Any attempt to tamper with an award certificate or misrepresent oneself using a Swansea certificate shall result in disciplinary action being taken by the University and may result in the award being withdrawn.

Please contact Janet Lawson on 01792 602169 or email j.lawson@swansea.ac.uk with any queries regarding certificates or replacement certificates.

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