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Health & Safety

Swansea University is committed to ensuring that the risks to the health, safety and welfare of all students are adequately controlled.  Legislative standards are considered to be the minimum acceptable, and the aim is for best practice.  This is implemented through the University Safety Policy and other related policies (Fire, Hazardous Chemicals and Smoking).  These are supplemented by departmental/College safety policies and local rules and procedures.  The law places duties primarily on the University, but individuals also have responsibility for ensuring their own health and safety and that of the health and safety of others by their actions and omissions. 

Each administrative department/College has a Health and Safety Co-ordinator to organise the safety function within their respective department/College.

All students must evacuate the building on activation of a fire alarm, go to the respective assembly point and not re-enter until permission is given.

Students are required to present themselves for practical work not under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs. 

Further details can be found in the University Safety Policy

Safety and Security 

Owing to Fire and Safety Regulations (and from the general considerations of security), the hours of entry to certain buildings on the campus are restricted. Outside these hours, entry can only be gained on the written permission of the Head of Department/College or other authority concerned.

Smoking is prohibited in all University buildings - please see the Smoke-free Policy.

The Council of the University does not hold itself responsible for the personal property of members of the University.


Please email any health and safety related queries to: healthandsafety@swansea.ac.uk 

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