Swansea University

3. Research Environment

3. Research Environment

3.1 As a research-intensive University, Swansea prides itself on a strong and supportive research environment, where excellent research, much of it world-class, is being carried out. Last year, the University made submission to the Research Excellence Framework (REF), and the ongoing enhancement of the research environment is paramount to the current and future success of the University. 

3.2 Key to this success has been the promotion of interdisciplinary research and collaboration with industrial partners and overseas institutions. This research base provides a high quality and dynamic environment in which research students can be inspired and thrive. 

3.3 In addition to the upwards trajectory in research, the University prides itself on a well-balanced system for supporting, monitoring and assessing students, and for ensuring quality in supervision and the learning opportunities for developing researchers. Colleges provide the overall environment for research and research groupings. Colleges have research-focused areas which promote interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approaches, supported by seminar series, conferences and presentations. In addition, the University seeks to ensure that the research environments of collaborative or industrial partners also enable and support students in their learning whilst undertaking applied research. 

3.4 The University’s postgraduate Research students benefit from a supportive and rewarding research environment. The University aims to continually enhance that environment in two key ways: by ensuring the highest academic standards across all relevant research fields and by providing the support mechanisms and research opportunities that allow students to fulfil their academic and professional potential. 

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