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11. Issues of relevance to Part-time students

11. Issues of relevance to Part-time students

If you are a part-time student, you will face a number of specific issues which are mainly concerned with access. Bear in mind too that you have longer to complete your studies as a part-time student and you will have to find ways of dealing with the isolation which can occur, especially if you are studying at some distance from the University.

* Access to your supervisors

Regular communication with your supervisors is very important. If face-to-face meetings are difficult to organise, then mak

by telephone, electronic means or e-mail. Ensure that your supervisors are fully aware of any problems you are experiencing which may significantly affect your progress. You will need to seek advice from your supervisors on how best to meet any training needs which may be identified during the course of your research.

* Access to resources

As a research student, it is vital that you keep up-to-date with recent publications in your field of study. Many journals are now accessible on-line and it would be advisable to discuss the best ways of accessing these resources with staff in the Library. Your College will give you contact details for your specialist subject librarian.

* Access to other research students

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is the feeling of studying in isolation. Being part of a research network can help to ameliorate such feelings. Your supervisors or the person designated to be responsible for research students can advise you of other students who are at the same point in their research as you are. They may also be able to put you in touch with a more experienced student who can offer advice. Try to attend as many of the research seminars as possible, as this is a good way of meeting other students and staff working in your subject area. Try to attend conferences relevant to your subject area.

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