Swansea University

1. Introduction

Welcome to Swansea University, and thank you for choosing to study for a postgraduate degree with us. Swansea University has a long and successful tradition of postgraduate education.  A high proportion of the academic staff are research scholars and many Colleges have had their teaching rated as 'Excellent' by government inspectors. We will do our best to use our experience and expertise to ensure that you fulfil your full potential in the time that you are studying here.

1.1 Starting a higher degree, possibly in a new university, can initially be a disorientating experience. You expect many things to be the same as when you were an undergraduate, but they are often not. Some things change radically (for example, the extent to which you will have to manage your own time), while others change in important detail (for example, where you can work in the library or how many books you can borrow). All these changes need to be taken into account.

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