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Transfer of Programmes

General Information

If you are an undergraduate student you may be permitted to transfer your programme of study if, after consultation with the tutor(s) or representative(s) from your Home College (normally the Head of College), it is felt that the change is in your best interest.  It is not normally permitted for postgraduate taught students to transfer programmes, although in exceptional circumstances this may be allowed.  If the transfer of programme also entails a transfer of modules, the transfer deadlines as given in specific programme regulations also apply.  If the transfer involves pursuing a programme offered by another College it is likely that the Chair of the Progression and Awards Board will need to authorise such changes.

The online programme transfer form must be completed by you, authorised by the appropriate member(s) of the academic staff and submitted electronically to the Student Records section of Academic Services.  This procedure applies to all programme transfers including transfers internal to a College.  The online form is available on the Intranet. 

The University's procedures and regulations are summarised as follows:

  • Seek approval from the admitting College and submit electronic transfer request form;
  • Seek approval from the releasing College(s) (this is provided electronically);
  • Approval of the Chair of the Progression and Awards Board is provided electronically;
  • Form is submitted electronically to Academic Services;
  • Transfer is completed;
  • Student and University inform Student Loans Company/Local Authority/sponsor.

Specific Programme Transfer Information for Undergraduate Students

Your attention is drawn to the regulations governing transfers of programmes, since failure to meet the specified deadlines might have a significant impact on your Student Finance from the SLC to support you for the duration of the programme.

The regulations state that you must secure the consent of the academic authorities of the University to a programme transfer on or before the FIRST DAY of the second year of the original programme on which you would ordinarily be required to attend.

This means that programme transfers should normally be received before the end of the first year of study or alternatively during the enrolment week of the second year. The implications of the late approval of programme transfers could be serious especially if an extension to the period of study would be necessary as a result of the transfer. If the transfer has been approved beyond the deadline, the Student Finance UK rules state that "he or she may not receive full support for the second course" and would have to meet the additional costs himself/herself.

Academic Services (Student Finance) will notify the SLC of any programme transfers but you are also required to notify the SLC (Student Finance UK) of any transfers.  The University may approve late application, particularly if there are no financial implications.  These must, however, be approved by the Chair of the Progression and Awards Board.

Specific Programme Transfer Information for Taught Postgraduate Students

Please note that transfers which need approval between 2-4 weeks after the commencement of the programme will need to be approved by the Chair of the Progression and Awards Board. Any transfers thereafter will have to be approved by the University’s Student Cases Committee. If you are a sponsored student you are required to notify your sponsor of any transfers.

Specific Programme Transfer Information for Overseas Students

If you are an international non-EU student who wishes to transfer programme you must inform Academic Services before proceeding with the transfer application, since it may affect your visa to study.

In the case of International students sponsored by the University, a transfer of programme is conditional upon holding a valid student visa (Tier 4).  At the point of transfer, an assessment will be made as to whether the transfer meets current Tier 4 legislation before it is approved.  The assessment will include reference to the level of the new programme, the student’s current period of leave, the current time limits governing Tier 4 study, whether the new programme meets a student’s “genuine career aspirations” and any other requirements specified by the UK Visa and Immigration Service (UKVI).  Where the new programme cannot be completed within the period of existing Tier 4 leave, the student will be required to leave the UK to make an application for further leave to complete the programme.  For programmes requiring ATAS Clearance, International students must obtain clearance and provide a copy of the ATAS certificate to the University, before a transfer can be approved.

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