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5. Postgraduate Tuition Fees

5. Postgraduate Tuition Fees

You must be enrolled and pay fees throughout your minimum candidature period, and you should expect to submit your thesis at the end of that time.   If, however, you need a little more time to finish writing up your work, and provided your College/College Research Committee confirms to the Progression and Awards Board that your progress is basically satisfactory, you will move to ‘continuation/writing-up’ status for the remainder of your time. Unless you continue to make heavy use of resources and your College decides that you should continue to pay full tuition fee, there is no fee applicable to the ‘writing up’ stage.

5.1 The fee levels for the academic session can be found at Postgraduate Research - Fees and Funding.

5.2 Fees will change in future years. Overseas students must pay a proportion of their fees at, or before, enrolment, or provide a written guarantee of acceptance of liability from a recognised Sponsor. Details will be given in the correspondence sent before study starts. 

5.3You are personally responsible for payment of your fees.  However, if you are sponsored by a recognised institution or Research Council they will be invoiced instead. Evidence of continuing sponsorship has to be produced at enrolment each year. The majority of sponsors undertake to fund study during the minimum years of candidature only.   

5.4 Fees may be paid by cash, cheque or credit card. If you wish to pay in person, this can be at the annual enrolment event, or by visiting the Cash Office in the Finance Building.  Cheques should be made payable to ‘SwanseaUniversity’. 

5.5 It is possible for payment of fees to be in instalments – the Finance Department will send information about this with your enrolment form, and the information is also available on their web pages.  



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