Swansea University

4. Use of the Intranet

4. Use of the Intranet

Once you have enrolled with the University you will be able to log into the University’s Intranet system to check the details of your candidature record, obtain information and download forms you may need.  The Intranet also provides e-mail links which you can use to communicate with Academic Services and also inform the University of changes to your personal information, for example to notify Residential Services of a change in your address.

The Intranet is accessed through the Web:

  • Go to https://intranet.swan.ac.uk/login/
  • You will need to log in first. Go to the boxes at top right of the page, and type in your Username (your 6-digit University Student ID number)
  • Type in your password (for first use, follow the instructions on screen)
  • Select the information or procedure you require (e.g. 'academic record').

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