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3. Resolving Issues Affecting Your Study

3. Resolving Issues Affecting Your Study

If you have personal problems that you think might affect your work, speak in the first instance to your first/primary or secondary supervisor. If the problems/circumstances are likely to have a serious impact on your work you might also want to put them in writing and ask your supervisor to lodge a copy in your College file. This might help you if you then need to apply for an extension of candidature. 

3.1 If you have concerns about your supervision or facilities and services in your College, then initially take them up with your supervisor. If they are not resolved within a reasonable period of time, then refer the matter to the Chair of the College committee which has responsibility for postgraduate matters: this might be the Postgraduate Committee, Higher Degrees Committee, Research Committee (or your College equivalent). If the Chair of that committee has not resolved the problem within a reasonable period of time, then refer the matter to your Head of College.  If this does not provide a resolution, please refer the matter to Academic Services, who will help you by talking through your case and providing advice.  

3.2 If you are uncertain about which way to tackle a problem affecting your study, you can always get in touch with Academic Services and they will advise the most appropriate procedure to follow.  If you still feel that a complaint has not been resolved, please refer to the University’s Complaints Procedure which is set out in the Conduct and Complaints section.

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