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1. Making Your Voice Heard

1. Making Your Voice Heard

The University is keen to engage with students at both College and University level, and postgraduate students are represented on all major University committees.You also have a direct link to the University through your College student representatives to the Postgraduate Research Student Engagement Forum

1.1 In certain circumstances you might need or want to communicate with the University or make your views known to it. There are several ways of doing this.  

1.2 If you wish to raise generic concerns or suggestions that you think are common to a significant number of postgraduates, then the following channels should be used: 

1.3 In the first instance, talk to the Chair of your College Postgraduate or Research Committee or Student/Staff Committee. They will usually be able to resolve specific issues locally. 

1.4 If you wish to bring concerns or suggestions for improvement to the attention of the University, then please speak to the student who represents your College on the Postgraduate Research Student Engagement Forum.  They can discuss issues you have raised with other postgraduate representatives, and if they agree that they are significant, they can then raise them with the Professional Services/Academic staff during the Postgraduate Research Engagement Forum meeting. 

1.5 If you think your concerns or suggestions relate to quality issues then please raise them with the student representative on the  University-level committees. 

1.6 The names of the student representatives are available from Academic Services and should be posted on notice boards in your College study area.  

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