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Redeeming Failures

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If you fail to accumulate the required number of credit points to satisfy the progression rules, you will not be allowed to proceed to the next Level of Study. In the case of final year undergraduate students, or students pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate, this means that you will not qualify for your degree or award. The end-of-session Progression and Awards Board will deal with the cases of students who fail to accumulate sufficient credit.  The University recognises that a minority of students will fail some modules and consequently guidelines have been adopted to enable such students to redeem failures.

NB: If you are pursuing a degree programme which is accredited by a professional body you might find that more stringent assessment rules apply.  You are advised to refer to your College Handbooks for a comprehensive set of rules.

You must also be aware of the time limits for the completion of the various programmes.  Details are given in specific programme regulations.

All resits will take place at Swansea University. You will not normally be allowed to sit examinations at other venues.

Specific Information – Undergraduate Students

If you are in Level 3, 4 and 5 the most common way of redeeming a failure is by passing a supplementary examination.  Alternatively, you may permitted to repeat the year/level of study as an internal candidate during the following session.  

If you have failed modules that are normally assessed by continuous assessment you are advised to contact the College about the ways in which you will be re-assessed.

If you are in your final year of study (Level 6 or 7) you are advised to refer to the assessment regulations for your particular programme for information regarding redeeming failures.  For most programmes of study, students in the final year who fail to quality for an award are not given any opportunity to redeem failures.

Undergraduate students, except those in the final year, may apply  to repeat the failed modules only as an internal candidate. However, if you opt to repeat the failed modules only, you must complete a ‘Request to Repeat Failed Modules’ form (available from the ‘Forms and Documents’ section of Academic Services' MyStudies site).  In such cases, the marks attained in the following session will be capped for students in Level 5 (and Level 6 of an advanced initial degree).  Each application will be assessed with reference to the requirements of external agencies such as the UK Visas and Immigration. 

If you have failed a module at the end of Semester 1, you may be allowed, with the permission of the College, to take a substitute module in Semester 2 to compensate for the failure.  This will be regarded as attempting to redeem the original failure and consequently for Levels 5 and 6, the mark obtained will be capped at 40% (or 50% for Level 7 modules).  At the discretion of the Progressionand Awards Board, full-time Undergraduate candidates who have not acquired sufficient credit to proceed to the next level of study may be permitted up to a maximum of three further attempts to redeem the failures in the modules in order to be allowed to complete the level of study.  These attempts must take place within two academic sessions (see Capping of Marks below).

If you have transferred programmes and are repeating the level of study/repeating modules you will normally be considered a repeat student and subject to harsher monitoring reviews.  Should the College be concerned about your progress they may make recommendations to the Progression and Awards Board to require you to withdraw if you are under-performing.

It is your responsibility to check with your College that the modules(s) to be redeemed will be available during the following academic session.

Specific Information – Postgraduate Taught Awards Students

Only one retrieval attempt is allowed for students pursuing postgraduate taught awards. 

The cases of students who sit supplementary examinations will be considered by the Re-sit Progression Board, normally in September.

The mark for each module passed on a supplementary attempt is capped at a maximum of 50%.

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