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Marking Scales

You will be awarded a mark for each module based on your performance in the various assessment exercises.  Colleges usually issue a set of marking conventions which will explain to you how they arrive at particular marks.

The following scales are used by the academic members of staff when determining marks (except in the case of postgraduate students who started before September 2003).

Undergraduate Marking Scales

Pass mark = 40%*

First Class Mark  70%+ 
 Upper Second Class Mark - 2(i) 60-69.99% 
Lower Second Class Mark - 2(ii) 50-59.99% 
Third Class Mark  40-49.99% 
Failure  0-39.99% 

* Please note that the pass mark for postgraduate-level modules (Level 7) has been set at 50%. If you are pursuing an Advanced Initial Degree (e.g. MEng/MMath/MPhys/MOst) you will pursue such modules during the final year and will be expected to achieve a mark of 50% + before being deemed to have passed the module.

Postgraduate Taught Masters/Diploma Marking Scales

Module Marks

Pass mark for credit = 50%

Failure = 0-49.99%

Overall Averages/Result


Pass at Distinction level  70%+ 
Pass at Merit level  60-69.99% 
Pass  50-59.99% 
Failure  0-49.99% 



Postgraduate Certificate Marking Scale

Pass mark = 50% 

Failure = 0-49.99% 

No toleration applies.

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