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Format of Assessed Work

Format of Assessed Work

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Your College will advise you in what format (i.e. handwritten, typed and/or electronic) you must submit coursework within your College handbook.  If you have a disability, medical condition or specific learning difficulty, relevant adjustments will be made. Your College may also specify issues such as font, length of assignment, method of referencing and other stylistic requirements concerning the submission.

You should be reminded that in submitting work electronically, the student ID number on the submitted work shall be deemed to be that of the author and in doing so you declare it to be your own, with reference and acknowledgments to the work of others fully made. In making a hard-copy submission, you may also be required to sign an appropriate declaration to this effect.

If you submit work electronically, the university reserves the right to submit this work via plagiarism detection software, which you would have agreed to upon enrolment as a student at this university.

You may not submit work on behalf of another and any claims made e.g. in cases of appeal or academic misconduct that the person submitting the work was not in fact you will therefore not be accepted.

Regulations for research students require the submission of both an electronic and hard-copy of the dissertation.

In the case of submission of the directed independent learning for Postgraduate Taught Masters programmes, the College will specify the submission requirements in the College Handbook.

In most cases, examinations are hand-written.  The exceptions to this are for certain disabled students for which the use of computers has been approved as part of their specific learning, teaching and assessment provision.

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