Swansea University

3. Required to Suspend


In accordance with the University's policies and regulations (including assessment regulations) a candidate may be required or advised by the University to suspend studies as follows:

  1. In cases of Academic appeals the appeal board may require a candidate to suspend studies where it is deemed that advising the candidate to withdraw is inappropriate.
  2. In serious Fitness to Practise / Disciplinary cases, candidates may be required to suspend their studies pending further investigations.
  3. In cases of a custodial sentence a candidate is likely to be required to suspend studies during the sentence.  A satisfactory outcome of a risk assessment would normally be required before the candidate may resume his/her studies.
  4. In cases where a debt to the University exists and the candidate fails to clear the debt, following a second warning from the University, a candidate will be required to suspend studies.
  5. As part of an outcome/penalty imposed by a University Committee of Enquiry where fitness to practice, unfair practice or a disciplinary offence has been substantiated, a candidate may be advised or required to suspend studies.


A candidate may also be required to suspend studies where the University deems that on health grounds it is not appropriate for a student to continue with his/her studies, whether in exercising its duty of care to others or where it is deemed not to be in the interest of the particular student. The process to be followed in such circumstances is set out within the Fitness to Study Procedure.

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