Swansea University

Suspension of Studies (Taught Programmes Only)

2. Applications for Suspension


Candidates who request to suspend studies shall be required to complete the appropriate form (available from Academic Services or the College).  Such applications shall include the grounds for the request and evidence to support the case.  Normally, students should attend for interview with a member of the College and contact a member of  Academic Services for advice.   If the College supports the student’s request the application shall be forwarded to the Academic Registry for approval.   Academic Services will check the documentation; time limits etc and authorise approval administratively on behalf of the Academic Regulations and Cases Board.  Any complex cases/requests shall be referred to the Chair of the Academic Regulations and Cases Board.


The grounds on which a candidate can request a suspension shall be as follows

  • Health

[Note: Except in cases of serious health conditions, supported by medical evidence, Academic Services of Chair of the Academic Regulations and Cases Board shall be permitted to refuse a request for suspension]

  • Exceptional personal circumstances
  • Financial
  • In cases where a candidate intends to transfer programme


Candidates requesting a suspension of studies shall be required to submit the proforma to Academic Services during the first two terms and no later than the first day of the summer term, unless it is for health or other compelling reasons.


Candidates on non-traditional programmes for whom these deadlines do not apply shall be allowed to submit an application/request to suspend their studies with the support of the College. Such candidates shall not normally be permitted to suspend their studies immediately prior to the examination period unless it is for health or other compelling reasons.

Requests from candidates, who are compelled to suspend their studies for health reasons beyond the first day of the summer term, shall be considered on an individual basis and must be accompanied by appropriate documentation.


Candidates will be expected to inform the College/University of the date of their expected return by completing the appropriate section on the proforma.


Full-time candidates will normally be expected to resume their studies at the beginning of the following session i.e. return in the following September (with the consent of their College) and re-start the year/level of study (students may choose to forfeit any credit already gained in the year of suspension, or subject to the approval of their College and the requirements of UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), may carry credits already gained).  In some cases, for example students who suspend studies after the commencement of Semester Two or part-time candidates, it may be considered more appropriate for candidates to resume their studies at the beginning of the second semester, if practicable.  In such cases candidates will carry over their existing marks with the approval of the College.


Approved requests for suspension shall be forwarded to Academic Services, who will update the student record and inform the Student/LEA/Sponsor/UKVI of the suspension.

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