Swansea University

4. Extenuating Circumstances Policy

It is the policy of Swansea University to adopt a presumption that a student who sits an examination or submits an assessment is fit to do so. The marks awarded will be an accurate reflection of performance and will not be altered subsequently on the basis of extenuating circumstances. A student who is unable to sit an examination or complete an assessment because of extenuating circumstances may (subject to the provision of appropriate evidence) be given a further opportunity to undertake the assessment potentially as an uncapped opportunity.  

A student who attends and/or completes an assessment and does not submit claims for extenuating circumstances within 5 working days of the examination, or within the deadline set by the College responsible for delivering the module for continuous assessment, shall be deemed to confirm:

  • that there are no reasons why they should not attend and/or complete the assessment at that time;
  • that they will not subsequently submit a request for a concession in respect of extenuating circumstances; and
  • that any requests for ‘reasonable adjustments’ in light of a disability, health condition, wellbeing or mental health issue or other specific requirements have already been submitted to the University.

A student who sits an examination or submits work knowing that they have been affected by extenuating circumstances will not normally be able successfully to submit a claim at a later date. Only in cases where the medical evidence submitted supports the notion that the student was incapable of determining whether or not they were fit to undertake or prepare an assessment and of notifying the College will the University accept claims for extenuating circumstances submitted beyond the deadline.  Such claims should be submitted via the home College and will be managed via the Academic Appeals Procedure.  The College will be asked to provide comment on such cases.

In the case of disruptions to or problems with an examination affecting a group of students, the College Special Circumstances Committee or appropriate Committee may recommend appropriate action.

Appeals against decisions taken by College Special Circumstances Committees (or  other appropriate Committee). or the University’s Academic Regulations and Cases Board (or Board nominees) in relation to extenuating circumstances shall not normally be considered.

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