Swansea University

2. Underlying Principles

The University’s Policy on Extenuating Circumstances is based on the following principles: 

  1. The object of any assessment is to measure achievement, not potential (i.e. what a student has done, not what they might have the potential to do).
  2. Each student has individual responsibility for submitting coursework on time, for presenting him/herself for scheduled assessments (to include written examinations, demonstrations, presentations and practical or lab-based examinations) at the appropriate time and place and for informing the academic College of any extenuating circumstances by submitting information and documentation on such circumstances.
    It is the student’s responsibility to declare any circumstances in a timely manner (normally BEFORE the deadline/examination) to allow the University an opportunity to respond appropriately to those circumstances.
  3. Academic Colleges will give serious consideration to ways to assist students to overcome circumstances which might adversely affect assessment work.
  4. The University will respond in a fair and equitable way to any extenuating circumstance which cannot adequately be resolved prior to the assessment in question.
  5. Extenuating circumstances will not be considered as grounds for adjusting marks awarded for assessments already completed. 

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