Swansea University

4. The Director of Academic Integrity


The University shall appoint a Director of Academic Integrity who shall be responsible for the conduct, probity and security of examinations/assessments. The Director of Academic Integrity or Examinations Officer shall be responsible for :

  • The nomination of invigilators and the making of arrangements for the invigilation of examinations so that normally one invigilator acts for each group of forty candidates or fewer;  
  • The making of appropriate arrangements for dealing with absentees from examinations/assessments in accordance with the provisions of these procedures, including notification of cases to College Examining Boards and the recording and reporting of such cases;
  • Sending to Senate, at the close of examinations, a report on the manner in which they have been conducted, specifying any difficulties which may have arisen, and incorporating any suggestions for improvement in the conduct of them. This report should also detail any special arrangements made in relation to cases of absence from examinations and, in accordance with the paragraph below, in relation to examinations conducted at another institution/approved place.