Swansea University

2. Regulations and Procedures for Examinations


All University examinations, including supplementary examinations, shall be taken in Swansea.  There shall be three official examination periods, January (end of first semester), May/June (end of session) and August (supplementary examinations).


All candidates shall be informed of the following:

  • The methods of assessment to be used in each module including the weighting given to the various assessment components;
  • The dates of the examination period;
  • The timetables for formal examinations and submission of other assessed work, including dates, time, venue and duration of the examination;
  • Regulations relating to conduct in examination venues;
  • Information concerning the procedure to be followed in the event of allegations of unfair practice arising;
  • The procedures approved by the University for the release of marks/grades and final results;
  • Information concerning the University's Accuracy of Published Marks Procedure and Academic Appeals procedure;
  • The procedures relating to the consideration of exceptional personal circumstances, as outlined in the Policy on Extenuating Circumstances Affecting Assessment.


The University will inform students of the dates of the official examination periods at the beginning of each academic session, and timetables for specific examinations within these periods will be notified to students at least four weeks in advance (subject to 2.4 below).


The University reserves the right to alter Examination timetables at short notice in response to unforeseen events (e.g. weather conditions, venue or equipment failure). All candidates affected by any such alterations shall be notified as soon as practically possible.


The University reserves the right not to process marks if candidate identity has not been confirmed.