Swansea University

12. Adjustments to Examination/Assessment Arrangements


The University shall make reasonable adjustments for candidates with specific requirements, in compliance with the requirements of prevailing legislation, notably the Equality Act 2010.


Students who have been assessed and registered as requiring a specific provision shall be referred to the Examinations Office by the University's Disability Office or Wellbeing Services.  The Disability Office or Wellbeing Services shall make recommendations to the Examinations Office regarding the provisions which are to be made for each referred student.


Members of academic staff may also seek help directly from the Examinations Office for candidates who are experiencing problems or difficulties (medical or otherwise) that may necessitate specific provisions being made for them.   Such student cases shall be assessed and dealt with on a case by case basis.


The Examinations Office shall, if necessary, arrange for question papers to be brailled for visually impaired students. The question papers must be submitted to the Examinations Office at least six weeks before the start of the examination period for transcribing.


All candidates requesting a specific provision must ensure that they have informed their College Examinations Officer of their arrangement.