Swansea University

7. Attendance Monitoring Escalation Process for Postgraduate Research Students


A student who is absent from a Supervisory meeting or research engagement will enter an escalation process. It is designed to re-engage students who have been absent from studies, to identify reasons for the absence and to assist students who may be experiencing difficulties or may need particular support. The escalation process is explained and illustrated below: 

  • Stage 0 – Student has attended all Supervisory meetings/research engagements in a four-week period.
  • Stage 1 –Student missed Supervisory meeting(s) or research engagements for four weeks.  The student will be contacted, warned about the consequences of non-attendance, and asked to attend a meeting with their College. They will be warned that failing to meet may be a factor in any decisions taken about their future as a student if their attendance does not improve
  • Stage 2 – Following Stage 1, the student has missed supervisory meeting (s) or research engagements for a further four weeks.  The student will be required to meet their College Director of Research. If the student does not attend they will normally be required to withdraw. If the student does attend, they may be permitted to continue as a student, at the discretion of the Director of Research, depending on their explanation and supporting evidence, if any.
  • Stage 3 - Failing to attend subsequently will result in the student being required to withdraw in all but exceptional circumstances. 

Where a student’s attendance improves they will not be contacted unless it deteriorates again. Each period of four weeks of improved attendance means that the student will drop one Stage in the escalation process.

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