Swansea University

4. Policy Guidelines for Students

Students are responsible for:


Ensuring they understand and adhere to the Attendance Monitoring Policy;


Attending all supervisory sessions associated with their programme of study;


Maintaining contact with their supervisor and attending any scheduled meetings;


Notifying their School/College of any planned temporary absence which exceeds five working days and which will be considered as a “temporary request for leave from study”.  A “temporary request for leave from study” is a temporary absence which has been accepted by the College. It is not normally expected that students pursuing postgraduate programmes will be granted a “temporary request for leave from study” during term-time.  However, a student may submit a request for a temporary leave from study. Colleges should consider the grounds on which the request is made, the length of time requested and the impact of the absence on the student’s academic studies.  The following is a non-exhaustive list of circumstances which the University would commonly accept: 

  • Death or serious illness of a close relative or friend. 
  • Significant adverse personal/family circumstances – such as divorce, burglary, fire, major court proceedings, financial difficulties beyond the control of the student, which require the student to leave the University at short notice. 
  • Leave approved by the University to undertake fieldwork, research or conferences. 
  • Jury duty. 
  • Sporting and/or arts commitments, normally where a student is a participant.    

Corroborating evidence must normally be provided. If a student is experiencing personal, financial or medical difficulties that significantly affect their ability to engage with their studies, it is expected that they will normally be advised to suspend their studies instead. 

The maximum period for which an authorised absence shall be granted shall be sixty days. Non Tier 4 students requiring longer periods of absence shall be required to make contact with their Supervisor before additional time will be granted. The period of candidature shall not normally be extended. For Tier 4 students the period of absence must not mean the student will require more time to complete their programme. Tier 4 students requiring longer periods of absence shall be required to suspend studies. 

Students requiring a suspension of their studies and/or an extension to their candidature should consult the University’s Guide to Suspensions and Extensions for Research Students.

Where a Tier 4 student is granted a temporary leave from study, the International Student Compliance Unit should be informed immediately so that this can be recorded on the student’s attendance file.


Responding to any communications regarding their attendance from their College/School, Academic Services or the International Student Compliance Unit.


Attending any meeting that is arranged as a consequence of inadequate attendance. 

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