Swansea University

7. Formatting

Paper Type (Soft Bound Copies)

White, A4-size, with sufficient opacity to prevent any show-through: to achieve this you should employ paper with a weight of 70 to 100 gsm.

Print (Soft Bound Copies)

Text should be printed in black ink on one side of the page only.  This prevents show-through and helps to ensure that photocopies are clear.

Character or Print Height

Print or character size should not be less than 8pt (2.50mm) but, normally, the text-size would be equivalent to 12pt Times New Roman.


Margins should be 4cm (1½ inches) wide on the left-hand side and 2cm (¾ inch) on the right-hand side.

Line Spacing

Double or one-and-a-half line spacing should be used in the main text.  However, single spacing should be used in the Summary and in any indented quotations and footnotes.

Page Numbering 

Pages should be numbered sequentially.  Page numbers should be placed top-right or bottom centre.