Swansea University

11. Time Limits and Extensions

A candidate's time-limit may be extended by the Academic Regulations and Cases Board (or Board nominees) in exceptional cases.  Extensions may be granted on compassionate grounds, in cases of illness, serious domestic difficulties, or inordinate professional commitments (part-time students only) which can be demonstrated to have adversely affected a candidate's ability to complete within the stipulated period.  

A full and reasoned case, supported by appropriate medical or other independent evidence, must be made by the College and submitted to Academic Services, where it will be considered administratively on behalf of the Academic Regulations and Cases Board.  A clear statement must be supplied, showing that the College concerned has evaluated the situation in which the candidate finds him/herself as a result of the illness or other circumstance and that it considers the requested extension to be appropriate.  Such a statement will, wherever possible, follow direct contact between the candidate and the College.