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Policy on Anonymous Marking

Policy on Anonymous Marking

Anonymity in Formal Written Examinations

All formal written examinations of Swansea University shall be marked in the anonymous state.  Candidates in such examinations may be identified only by their student number until such time as both first marking and moderation have been completed.

Anonymity in Methods of Assessment Other than the Written Examinations

The University encourages Colleges to mark other forms of assessment in the anonymous state.  It is however recognised that feedback from certain elements of assessment form an integral part of the learning experience and where Colleges have identified such, they are free to continue current practice.  Methods of assessment that involve observation, interaction and oral/aural elements shall not be subject to anonymity.  Colleges shall inform students, by means of handbooks and module literature, the means by which modules shall be assessed and whether or not such assessment shall be marked in the anonymous state.

Disclosure of Identity

Anonymity should be protected for as long as is possible. The University acknowledges that

  • preserving the anonymity of a student's marks may not in all cases preserve the anonymity of the student;
  • candidates who have submitted an application for extenuating circumstances to a College may need to have their assessment(s) identified in order to consider what further action might be necessary;
  • in the course of the year provisional marks that contribute to classification or progression may have been released to students as an appropriate and necessary means of student feedback.
  • anonymity is not maintained for final degree classifications.

Colleges may conduct Subject Level examination boards without the disclosure of candidates' names.  The University Progression and Awards Board shall be conducted by name.

Disclosure of Marks/Publishing of Academic Results

Please see the Policy on Publishing Marks

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