Swansea University

3. Regulations for the Award


The request for the award of an Aegrotat award may be made by the candidate or where a candidate is unable to prepare or submit a request, by the College.  All requests shall be submitted to the Director of Academic Services.  


The candidate shall be required to indicate that he/she is willing to accept an Aegrotat award.  Where a candidate is unwilling to accept an Aegrotat award, he/she shall be permitted to complete the examination or assessment in question by the approved subsequent date.


The College shall consider relevant evidence which shall include satisfactory medical certification in the case of illness or appropriate documentation in other cases and establish the facts of the candidate’s case.


The College must be satisfied that:

  • the candidate is unlikely to be able to return to complete his/her study at a later date, and 
  • that the candidate’s prior performance  demonstrates that he/she would have passed but for the illness/event which occurred.

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