Swansea University

2. Submission of a Request


All requests must be made in writing to the Head of College or his/her delegate as soon as possible after the relevant Examining Board and no later than 10 days of notification of the Examining Board decision. A proforma, AR1TP-1-BI, is available from Academic Service’s Blackboard site


The time limit may only be extended in wholly exceptional cases, where delay was unavoidable and where evidence has been presented to substantiate a claim by a candidate that it was impossible or impractical to submit a request within the time limit.


Students may only request a verification of their published marks, on the following grounds

  • That the student wishes to clarify that the mark has been accurately transcribed
  • That the student wishes to clarify that all components on a module have been taken into consideration
  • That the mark/grade awarded by the partner institution has been converted fairly and in accordance with the relevant conversion table.

When submitting a Request to confirm the Accuracy of Published Marks a student must include the following information:

  • the grounds on which the request is submitted the desired outcome from the point of view of the candidate. The desired outcome must be permissible within the current regulations.