Swansea University

1. Introduction


The Accuracy of Published Marks procedure provides students with the opportunity to query with their College the accuracy of the marks/grades recorded against their name or the accuracy of the overall module / Level average. Checks are then made to ensure that the marks recorded for particular assessments and the overall module are free of arithmetical or other errors of fact and have been accurately recorded.


The procedure does not involve assessments being re-marked nor will it provide further information as to the reasons for particular marks having been awarded.


If a candidate wishes to receive further clarification as to why he/she has been awarded a particular mark for an assessment, he/she will need to contact his/her College to discuss this. The University will not however permit work to be remarked or reconsidered in the absence of any upheld grounds for appeal. An examiner’s decision in awarding marks is deemed academic judgement and cannot itself form the subject of an academic appeal. The grounds for an academic appeal are listed at Regulation 2.3 of the University’s Appeal Procedures.


The procedure does not include marks/grades awarded by a partner university, unless the request relates to the conversion of marks/grades from a partner institution by the College.