Swansea University

6. Academic Appeal Board


The nominee shall serve as Secretary to the Academic Appeal Board.


Each Academic Appeal Board shall consist of a minimum of three members  which shall be selected by the Board’s Secretary from the following: the Pro-Vice-Chancellors, members of University level Committees/Boards with relevant experience/expertise and senior members of academic teaching staff (i.e. Senior Lecturer or above). In addition, in the interest of externality, members of staff from other Higher Education institutions may be co-opted as necessary.


If necessary, one member of each Academic Appeal Board shall be appointed by the Board’s Secretary to act as Chair.


An Academic Appeal Board may be convened to consider more than one case, even if such cases are referred to it by more than one Examination Board. However, members shall not participate in the discussion of cases from students who have studied in the same College in which the member is employed.  In unavoidable cases where an appeal is submitted by a candidate from the same College as a member of the Appeal Board, the member shall abstain from participating in the discussion and agreeing an outcome.


Where the Academic Appeal Board is considering appeals submitted by research candidates, one member of the Board shall be a senior member of staff with experience in supervising research students or a Director of Postgraduate Research.  Where this is not possible, the Academic Regulations and Cases Board shall be consulted on the appeal.