Swansea University

3. Submission of an Academic Appeal and Time-Limits

For candidates studying under collaborative arrangements, appeals against academic decisions shall be through the partner institution’s appeals procedure in the first instance with a review through the Swansea University Final Review Procedures, if the student is still not satisfied.

Details of the institution’s appeals procedures shall be made available to candidates during their study in the institution concerned.


All appeals against academic decisions must be submitted by post to the Academic Appeals Section, Academic Services, Swansea University, Singleton Park, Swansea, SA2 8PP or by e-mail to myunihub@swansea.ac.uk. Further information about, or clarification of, these procedures is also available from Academic Services.


Following notification of the Examination Board decision (i.e. the date of which shall be published on the intranet or made available by the College), candidates shall have 7 working days in which to submit an appeal against that Examination Board’s decision to Academic Services in order for the appeal to be considered, where possible, at the next scheduled Academic Appeal Board. The University reserves the right to defer consideration of appeals submitted beyond the 7 working days to a subsequent Academic Appeal Board.

The University shall not normally consider academic appeals submitted more than 3 months after notification of the relevant Examination Board decision, unless the candidate shows there to be a compelling reason why the appeal has been submitted late.

Candidates who wish to appeal against a decision taken by an end of Level/Part Examination Board must submit the appeal within 3 months of notification of this relevant Examination Board decision.  This means for example that candidates cannot wait until they have received an award/exit qualification to appeal against the decision reached by an Examination Board during an earlier Level/Part.  By way of specific example:

- An Undergraduate candidate who wishes to appeal against their Year 2 marks would need to submit an appeal within 3 months of notification of the Year 2 Examination Board decision;

- A Postgraduate Taught Masters candidate who wishes to appeal against their taught module marks would need to submit an appeal within 3 months of notification of the Examination Board decision confirming these marks and progression decision.


If an appeal is not received within the time limit stipulated, the appeal will normally be treated as not eligible for consideration on the basis it is ‘out of time’, unless the candidate shows there to be a compelling reason for not having submitted the appeal within the time limit. Where it is decided that an appeal is not eligible for consideration, the candidate will be advised of this outcome by letter, and will be informed of their right to request a final review of the outcome under the Final Review Regulations.


All appeals must be made in writing using the University’s Academic Appeal pro-forma, Request for Appeal Form AR1RD-1-BI, which can be obtained from Academic Services or the ‘Forms and Documents’ section of Academic Services' MyStudies site. The appeal submission must include the following:

  • The grounds on which the appeal is based.  See Section 2.
  • The desired outcome from the point of view of the candidate (for example, a specific request to be permitted to sit supplementary examinations).  The desired outcome must be permissible within the current regulations.
  • Details as to the element(s) of study that were affected (e.g. module code, assignment, examination) and details of the impact of the circumstances on the particular elements of study.
  • Full documentation to substantiate any exceptional circumstances or claims (for example:medical/health certificate, death certificate, letter of support from a support service in the University). Such evidence provided must be dated, must indicate how the circumstances affected the academic performance, must be relevant to the affected assessment and must demonstrate that the candidate was incapable of determining whether or not they were fit to undertake the assessment and/or unable to notify the College at the appropriate time, in accordance with the Policy on Extenuating Circumstances Affecting Assessment. The absence of such documentation may be prejudicial to the success of the appeal.