Swansea University

1. Introduction

An academic appeal is defined as a request for a review of a decision of an academic body charged with making decisions on student progression, assessment and awards. Appeals may be made by individuals only; they may not be lodged by a representative, a parent or any other third party (unless it can be shown that there are good grounds why the student cannot make the appeal themselves).

Where an academic appeal also contains within it a complaint and vice versa, Academic Services may reclassify the appeal or complaint (at whatever stage they may have reached) and process it under the most relevant regulation or procedure if this is likely to lead to a more appropriate outcome for the person(s) appealing or complaining.  Candidates will be notified in writing by Academic Services of any reclassification.

The University expects all parties to act reasonably and fairly towards each other, and with respect. If an appeal is not upheld, the reasons for the decision will be communicated to the candidate.