Academic Services

Who Are We?

Adrian Novis

Academic Services is responsible for the areas of academic administration for taught programmes and postgraduate research, academic records and systems, student finance, collaborative provision, discipline, examinations, graduation, regulations and quality, as well as being home to the University's Welsh Translation Unit. Headed by the Director of Academic Services, Adrian Novis, it has a dedicated MyUniHub reception where students and staff can obtain advice or gain access to a number of services, including printing and dissertation/thesis binding.

The Teams

Academic Quality Services

Academic Quality Services specialises in delivering a high performance, enhancement-focused approach to the assurance of academic regulations, quality and standards for all taught and postgraduate research provision at Swansea University.  The key areas we manage and support are:

  • Academic Quality Assurance and Enhancement
  • Programme Approval, Management and Review
  • Portfolio Management
  • Oversight of Collaborative Partnerships
  • External Examining
  • Learning, Teaching and Assessment
  • Curriculum Innovation and Development
  • Academic Regulations
  • Student Experience Projects

In addition, Academic Quality Services administers the University’s Academic Quality Infrastructure and provides support to the following key Committees and Boards:

  • Learning and Teaching Committee
  • Programme Management Board
  • Programme Approval Committee
  • Academic Standards and Quality Committee
  • Academic Regulations and Cases Board
  • Collaborative Partnerships Board
  • Academic Advisory Committee

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Student Partnership and Engagement Services

Student Partnership and Engagement Services is responsible for engaging with students and their representatives as partners in order to enhance the Swansea student experience, including:

  • Developing and delivering a strategic approach for engaging and communicating with students.
  • Delivering the NSS and Student Experience Surveys Campaign (including PRES and PTES). Co-ordinating and promoting student engagement in surveys and other academic and non-academic feedback opportunities
  • To work in partnership with the Students’ Union, colleges and professional services units to develop and enhance student representation and engagement.
  • Deliver the MyUniHub service on Singleton and Bay campuses.
  • To further the University’s strategic priorities centred upon student engagement, communication, feedback and representation.

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Student Academic Services

Student Academic Services is responsible for ensuring the delivery of a range of high quality academic services to students and staff in relation to the following areas

  • Examinations (Singleton and Bay campuses)
  • Assessment (all levels of study - including managing the University’s Awards and Progression Board, providing advice and guidance to staff and student on the assessment regulations and procedures and processing examination deferral requests)
  • Student cases (including academic appeals, academic misconduct, final reviews, complaints,  disciplinary, fitness to practice, dignity at work, extensions, suspensions, withdrawals, transfers)
  • Graduation
  • Attendance monitoring

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Academic Records and Systems

Academic Records and Systems is responsible for:

  • Academic and student administration services
  • Assessment and data systems (SITS e:Vision / Intranet Academic Records)
  • Data governance, quality and access
  • Enrolment and change of circumstances (transfers, suspension, withdrawals)
  • Programme and module maintenance
  • Reporting and certificate production
  • Student Finance (tuition fees, sponsorship, bursary, scholarship, SLC administration)
  • Student Records
  • Student returns (HESA, Je-S, SLC)

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