Why study through the medium of Welsh?

It’s a competitive workplace!

Give yourself the best opportunity - study through the medium of Welsh!

The best education

When you leave school or college, continuing to study through the medium of Welsh will give you the best education. There are opportunities for students who are confident and fluent in the language as well as opportunities for those who are less confident or are learners. There is something that will suit everyone: from degree courses which are completely through the medium of Welsh to courses where some modules are offered in Welsh, or in some departments it is possible to have Welsh language seminars and tutorials for modules which are mainly taught through the medium of English. You have a right to present coursework and sit exams through the medium of Welsh, even if you have chosen to complete courses through the medium of English. By continuing to study your course completely or partly through the medium of Welsh, you will develop your skills in two languages _ Welsh and English _ which will open doors for you when you leave the university.

The best teaching methods

A number of the latest teaching methods are used to teach Swansea University’s Welshmedium modules which include multimedia teaching materials, video conferencing, residential courses, hands-on sessions which are organised by professionals and online resources. These support more traditional learning methods such as attending lectures and the library. Swansea University has an excellent teaching space dedicated for Welsh-medium education, thanks to our partnership with the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol. Through this dedicated space and the video-conferencing equipment housed within it, our students can follow Welsh-medium modules taught at other universities.

The best chance to get a job

The ability to speak Welsh is a huge advantage for anyone who is looking for work. The Welsh language has official status in Wales which means that a large number of employers in Wales are searching for bilingual graduates. The ability to speak Welsh is classed as an extra skill in the workplace, in Wales and beyond. Therefore, studying through the medium of Welsh or bilingually in Swansea University could help you when you are looking for work.

International opportunity

We are able to offer unique international experiences and work placements to students as International connections are all important to Swansea University. A number of our Welshmedium lecturers are worldwide experts in their field.

Funding opportunities

Students who study courses or modules bilingually or completely through the medium of Welsh have an excellent opportunity to receive financial support. The majority of our courses are eligible for the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol’s scholarships and Welsh-medium scholarships and bursaries which are offered by the university. As well as this, remember; research shows that the average salaries of bilingual workers are generally higher than those of monolingual workers.

An opportunity to develop

Using your Welsh can lead to improving your education, your skills and your chance of finding a job, but don’t forget about the opportunity that you have to personally develop by being a part of Swansea University’s Welsh-language community. The ability to communicate in more than one language keeps the mind healthy as it helps you to become more creative, further develop your thinking skills and improve your mathematical skills.