Recognising your role, contribution and achievements within the Welsh context

The Academi Hywel Teifi Award rewards students who contribute to the Welsh-medium cultural and academic life and activities at Swansea University. The award recognises the role, contribution and achievements of supporting, promoting and ensuring a greater status for the Welsh language in all aspects of university life.

This may involve working as a Student Ambassador or Subject Representative with an emphasis on promoting Welsh language provision during Open Days, Campus Tours, School Visits, Departmental Events or at Eisteddfodau, or representing and acting on an official University committee o’r with the Welsh Society.

The Accreditation will be awarded retrospectively at the end of the Academic Year depending on the tasks completed. The experiences gained can contribute to other University-allocated Awards, e.g. Student Ambassador Award, SEA Employability Award.

There are three different Academi Hywel Teifi awards: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze and Silver awards are mainly presented to volunteers, while those worthy of a Gold award will be able to prove that they have shouldered more responsibility, made an outstanding effort or demonstrated excellence in the context of the specific areas.

For further details, or to register your interest in the Award, please e-mail