Research in the Media and Public Relations Department

There is a clear focus on Wales in the research work of the staff of the Welsh Media Department. There are projects looking at the media in historical, cultural, political and technological contexts and at the role of women, and this is done in a comparative context by linking developments in Wales with the advances seen in other small countries and cultures.

In particular we will investigate the following areas:

  • The history of broadcasting in Wales
  • Imaging Wales on film, television and other media
  • The role of women in the development of broadcasting in Wales
  • The development of children's programmes
  • Animation in Wales and beyond
  • Radio in Wales
  • Deaf and hard of hearing audiences in Wales

The Research Excellence Framework 2014 adjudged that 100% of the research of the Celtic Studies Unit, of which the staff are part, was of a world-class standard or better, and that 69% of the work submitted was of international standard or world-leading. Read the full story here.

The staff work very closely with other researchers in media departments across Wales, mainly by taking a leading role in the activities of Cyfrwng - the society that draws creative industries and academics together to evaluate the media in Wales. Cyfrwng promotes academic research in the fields of film, radio, television, theatre, performance, journalism and new media by publishing a journal and organizing conferences.

We also work closely with a number of researchers in other fields within Swansea University, including Welsh, English, History and Politics.