About us

All the academic staff of the Media and Public Relations Department at Academi Hywel Teifi have a strong background in their respective areas - from producing radio and television programmes to experience working as communication practitioners in Britain and abroad. As a result, the foundations of academic provision in this Department are strong. In pursuing the BA Media and Public Relations course at Swansea University, you will develop a strong understanding of the history and theories in the fields of media and public relations, as well as an awareness of current and changing developments of the impact they have on society and the business world.

Our objective, therefore, is to ensure that you will graduate as individuals with an informed, critical and creative attitude; and to equip you with the practical, creative, intellectual and research skills that will enable you to undertake a career in some of the most exciting and changing media and public relations fields in Wales and beyond.

We know from experience that you should have experience of engaging with potential employers throughout your three years at Swansea University, and our contacts within the industry across Wales and Britain mean that you have the opportunity to meet and discuss your future with some of the UK's leading public relations producers, directors and practitioners, including members of the Media Industry Panel, which provides feedback on the Department's provision. This can give you an opportunity to get first hand experience of the kind of people, the personalities and the interpersonal skills you will need in your future career.

We offer a work experience module (Module No.: AHT200). On this module you will spend 10 days work experience with an organization, charity, business or government organization in Wales. Ideally you will attend the placement for a day a week throughout the term in order to develop employability skills and a comprehensive understanding of the world of work.

As well as our academic staff's contacts, the Media and Public Relations Department at Academi Hywel Teifi works closely with the Swansea Employability Academy (SEA). The aim of SEA is to ensure that employability is at the heart of the career planning assistance you will receive throughout your time at the University by providing many opportunities for work experience.